Page dedicated to all fellow job market candidates!

When in need of a tangible productivity boost:
  1. Start by creating the Right Now List
  2. Classical music for when you’re on a deadline
  3. Shutdown anthem for finishing your day

When burned out:
  1. Live cameras at San Diego Zoo
  2. Paintings

When confused:
  1. Notes on empirical methods in corporate finance by Todd Gormley
  2. Notes on applied empirical methods by Paul Goldsmith-Pinkham
  3. Notes on empirical asset pricing by Ralph Koijen
  4. Principles for combining descriptive and model-based analysis by Neale Mahoney

When in need of a perspective:
  1. Job market timeline overview by Alex Albright
  2. The purpose of a finance professor by Alex Edmans
  3. "It is the job of the creator to explode. It is the task of the academic to walk around the bomb site, gathering up the shrapnel, to figure out what kind of an explosion it was, who was killed, how much damage it was meant to do and how close it came to actually achieving that."

When in need of an even bigger perspective:
  1. The Library of Babel by Jorge Luis Borges. Contained somewhere in this infinite library is our JMP.
  2. The modern interpretation of Thomas Aquinas's Summa Theologiae implies that everyone is driven by the pursuit by (i) money (wealth), (ii) pleasure, (iii) power, or (iv) fame (honor). So which one is it?
  3. How to Grow Old by Bertrand Russell
  4. List of best best alternate histories

When in need of a mindset reset:
  1. Learn like an athlete by David Perell