Conference Deadlines

: Collection of deadlines for major conferences in finance

Code and Data

Plausibly Exogenous Galore

: Compilation of plausibly exogenous variation used in empirical economics work (updated daily through this listserv)

Variables Construction in Finance

: Compilation of norms on constructing often-used variables in finance research

High-Frequency Data

: Collection of publicly available high-frequency data

Identifiers for Major Companies

: Collection of identifiers in common datasets for a sample of large companies

Reading and Writing Papers

Model Writings in Economics

: Short tips on writing, list of good examples in empirical and theoretical economics

How to Read Papers Critically

: Specific tips on how to critically assess an economics research paper, useful for discussions & referee reports

What I Learned in Grad School

Surviving Year One

: General takeaways on coursework and the core exam

Surviving Year Two

: Thoughts on coursework and the curriculum paper

Surviving Year Three

: Tips on TA, reading groups, and project management

Surviving Year Four

: Self-Evaluation checklist for more productive research

What I Did in Grad School

My Setup for Productive Research

: Presentation to Incoming Booth PhD Students on Workflow, Apps and Technology, Getting New Ideas

Booth ML in Finance Reading Group

: Reading group on ML applications in finance that I co-created and organized

PhD Consensus Survey

: Regular survey exploring PhD students' views on vital policy issues and timely topics



: Collection of cool paper titles