Working Papers

  1. Cross-sectional Skewness with Jessica A. Wachter
  2. This version: December 2019.

    We evaluate the skewness in the cross-section of returns in light of predictions from a well-known class of models.

    Presentations: JHU Carey Asset Pricing Conference 2019, Wharton, Chicago Booth, SFS Cavalcade NA 2020 (video), MFA 2020

  3. High-Frequency Expectations from Asset Prices: A Machine Learning Approach with Aditya Chaudhry
  4. This version: September 2020.

    We construct a daily measure of GDP expectations that can be used to test many empirical anomalies observed in the asset market.

    Presentations: Chicago Econ, Chicago Booth, 2020 Bergen FinTech Conference, Bank of England

    Awards: 2020 Arnold Zellner Doctoral Prize

  5. Are Green Investors Green-inducing? A Demand System Approach with Don Noh
  6. This version: July 2020.

    We find that institutional demand for "greener" stocks encourages firms to improve their environmental performances as measured by third-party ratings.

    Presentations: MFR Summer Session 2020, Chicago Booth, CAFM 2020, AFA PhD Poster 2021

    Awards: 2020 CAFM Best PhD Paper Award

  7. Social Inflation
  8. This version: March 2021.

    I uncover a new aggregate risk for the insurance sector stemming from social factors such as large jury awards and broader definitions of liability.

    Presentations: IRMC 2020, EGSC 2020, CAFM 2020, AFA PhD Poster 2021