Learning your Production Function

Life Advice

  • Ryan Holiday on 33 Things to keep in mind
  • General Pipeline

  • Paul Graham on Maker's schedule vs. Manager's Schedule
  • Greg Mankiw on his rules of thumb
  • R. W. Hamming on striving for greatness in all you do
  • Avinash Dixit on his research system
  • Peter Diamond on his general research strategy
  • David N. Weil with his pep talk on research
  • Paul Niehaus on doing research
  • Grad Life

  • Deirdre McCloskey on how to be a good graduate student
  • Eric Zwick on the 12-step program for graduate school
  • Alex Zentefis on general PhD advice
  • Laura Blattner on 15 rules to help you make it through grad school
  • Matthew Pearson on how to survive your first year

  • Working on Projects

    Generating Ideas

  • Steve Pischke on getting started on research in economics
  • Amy Finkelstein on how her most projects fail
  • Don Davis on getting started on your thesis
  • David Perell on avoiding cliche ideas
  • Coding

  • Mitchell Peterson on clustering standard errors
  • Malcolm Wardlaw on Stata programming

  • Writing & Presenting Your Work


  • Paul Goldsmith-Pinkham on presentations in beamer
  • Keith Head on regression tables
  • Presenting

  • Adam Guren on structuring your talk
  • Jesse Shapiro on giving an applied micro talk
  • Rachael Meager on public speaking for academic economists
  • Jonathan Shewchuk on giving an academic talk
  • Manuscript

  • Keith Head and Don Cox on writing your introduction
  • John Cochrane on writing tips for PhD students
  • Claudia Goldin and Lawrence Katz on writing your job market paper
  • Michael Kremer on the checklist when writing papers
  • Michael Roberts on writing
  • Evaluating Other Work


  • Chris Blattman on the art of discussing
  • Sample Discussions

    Macro Finance

    Monika Piazzesi, Daniel Greenwald, Itamar Drechsler, Urban Jermann, John Cochrane, Lawrence Schmidt, Jonathan Parker, Nicolas Crouzet, Amir Kermani, Annette Vissing-Jorgensen, Hanno Lustig, Gabriel Chodorow-Reich

    Financial Intermediation

    Juliane Begenau, Konstantin Milbradt

    Household / Public Finance

    Arpit Gupta, Emil Verner, Christopher Palmer, Anthony DeFusco, Lorenz Kueng, Amir Kermani, Jialan Wang, Sasha Indarte, Kristoph Kleiner

    Empirical Asset Pricing

    Kent Daniel, Stefan Nagel, Eben Lazarus, Christian Julliard

    International Macro & Trade

    Oleg Itskhoki, Nelson Camanho, Tarek Hassan, Dmitry Mukhin, Fabrizio Perri

    Corporate Finance

    Moqi Groen-Xu, Adair Morse

    Labor & Finance

    Isaac Hacamo


  • Preston McAfee on working as an editor

  • Others

    Professional Code

  • Anthony Lee Zhang on social norms in US academia
  • Ivo Welch on some observations about the PhD Market
  • Daniel S. Hamermash on professional etiquette
  • Applying for PhD

  • Anthony Lee Zhang on math classes for economics/finance PhD
  • Econ RA Guide
  • Andrew Johnston on optimizing PhD placement (here), deciding where to go (here), and making the most out of grad school (here)
  • Academic Job Market

  • John Cawley on the academic job market
  • Eric Zwick on how he learned to stop worrying and love the job market
  • David Laibson with his job market advice
  • Adam Guren with his job market advice
  • Andrew Johnston on how to dress for a job market interview
  • Sasha Indarte on how to organize the job market information

  • Teaching Notes

  • Jesús Fernández-Villaverde on macro, finance, and economic history
  • Adrien Matray, Michael Roberts on empirical corporate finance
  • Itay Goldstein on theoretical corporate finance
  • Matthieu Gomez on macro finance
  • Luke Taylor on structural estimation in corporate finance
  • Ralph Koijen on empirical asset pricing
  • Adriano Rampini on financial intermediation theory
  • Jun Pan on asset pricing and financial markets